Watmuff & Beckett

British-grown food is too delicious to ignore. Watmuff & Beckett is everything you hoped a good food company would be sourcing the finest UK produce, turning it into scrumptious and convenient meals, and allowing people around the country to enjoy their creations. This has enabled the firm to become one of the fastest growing ready-meal companies in the UK.

The two founders are ridiculously proud of British-farmed food and have set out on a mission to get more people eating and enjoying it. Food simply tastes better when it is fresher – especially when it is grown and reared on land that is naturally fertile. Added to this is the extra benefit that comes from eating regional produce: saving the world thousands of air miles at a time. And that’s why Watmuff & Beckett created a range of soups and risottos – to provide consumers with delicious, healthy British meals.

Heat & eat. That’s it!

59 Grosvenor street, Mayfair, London, UK W1K 3HZ

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