Management consultancy

Management consultants solve business questions and help to improve performance by applying previous experience and knowledge. Investors often rely on them to fast-track the search for best solutions, growth and decision-making.

What do we offer?

In a word: experience. We serve a broad mix of private equity investors and investor-backed companies. Every year: we go through 300 business plans, execute over 50 full due-diligence projects and support completion of over 20 deals. We believe that we know young ventures well, hence we are well equipped to support your investment portfolio or company.

We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most ambitious goals. With our exposure, network, and reach, if there is an area where we don’t possess particular expertise – we know someone who has.

Most of the hurdles relating to early stage companies are similar in nature. Whether it is a choice of third-party fulfilment provider, suitable e-commerce platform or viable accounting system, our consultants have the expertise and answers for young ventures. They are better positioned than perhaps any other consultancy on the market due to their specific focus on emerging enterprises.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive audit of all fundamentals of a potential investee company. We take a view of identifying all the risks, flaws, and reasons not to invest in a venture.

Areas audited range from stress-testing of the business models and company financials to in-depth analysis of supply chain, operations, and corporate structure. This is the first step that every angel investor should take when considering an investment in any ve

Marketing Strategy

Customer buying behaviour changes over the product lifecycle, critically in the early stages of evolution. The sales and marketing strategy must therefore change to maintain business momentum. Applying a unified strategy to the various stages of growth results in early momentum stalling, rapid experimental change and confusion for the customer and the organisation.

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Finance and Accounting 
As founders expand their companies, they have greater demands on their time, but also a more pressing need to be better informed. Not every detail can be automated, nor can every activity be so easily quantified.
Financial Modelling
There is no other route to success. Having a great idea sometimes is not enough, if there is no thorough financial model that supports the business goals and rigorously calculates venture’s economics.
Legal Advice

Corporate structuring is a process of identifying and negotiating the best company valuation, financing options and legal structure of the deal. Once the terms of the deal have been agreed by you, the next step is to conclude the necessary legal procedures and submit all statutory documents.

As an angel investor you will also require certain instruments to be set up to ensure visibility, an effortless information flow and full transparency. This is a vital part of the investment on-boarding process and good practice in portfolio management. Without adequate portfolio management tools and setup procedures, administration time can easily double.

Challenges need to be appraised; resolutions must be deftly delivered. When you have come so far down the investment journey, you should feel confident that your interests continue to be protected.
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